General information

The Academic Center of Excellence (ACE) and its certification programs

University certification programs are good instruments to acquire knowledge and competence on a scientific level without the need to fulfill a long-lasting course of studies . However, the certification programs of the ACE ensure academic standards as well as a usability in practice and therefore are suited for a focussed education in various fields, especially as in-service training.

Moreover, certification programs are able to get in touch gently with academic standards. For the module-based structure of our certification programs are consistently designed to the EU’s specifications (criterias of Bologna) of the European Credit Transfer System, all completed content feature comparability and acknowledgement of the course achievements shown by the workload as Credit Points (CP).

So, an academic certification program can be the beginning of a process of scientific work and gaining knowledge within a course of studies at a university or a college of higher education because several certificates constitute an individual specialisation as well as a fundament of Credit Points. In this case a certification not only motivates but also eases the entry to studies and even shorten the duration of studying.

Our university partner concerning our certificate and diploma programs is the Health Campus of St.Elisabeth University for Health- and Social Sciences in Bratislava.

Whatever program you may choose: I wish you a succesful and unique time with many new impressions during the certification and I hope that you will especially enjoy your new experiences and competences while working as certified practitioner, afterwards!


Tjalf Hoyer M.A. | Managing Director ACE